Thursday, December 15, 2011

Email subscription to Velo Cetera now available

In the past 24 hours, at least three people have said to me "hey idiot, there is no way for people to subscribe to your blog by email".  I have taken their concerns on board, reconfigured the proxies, phase shifted the mainframe, and added a "follow by email" button in the right sidebar.  Simply throw your email address in there and you'll get the latest posts delivered to your inbox on the day I post them.  It's all controlled by Feedburner, so it's totally automated - I won't know your email address or spam you or anything like that.

While I was doing that I also added a "join this site" button, again in the right sidebar, so you can follow my ramblings with your Google or blog account, if that's more your cup of tea.  And the faithful old Atom RSS feed remains for those that have been using that already.

And now, to get back to writing up more of the saga that was our cycle tour in New Zealand...

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