Monday, August 7, 2017

Bike overnight - South Burnett Rail Trail

It's not that I haven't been riding for two years, it's just that I've not been updated this blog.  It's been a pretty cool time, I've done some long rides in NZ, written a heap of magazine articles and have even got a new bike!  I've decided now to back off from the magazine work a little bit, and go back to sharing my adventures online as I feel that way I'm somehow contributing to the collective knowledge of bicycle touring and adventure cycling.  Hopefully people can search up things they need to know and hopefully come across something useful that makes it that little bit easier to get out on the bike, rather than the information being hidden away in a paper magazine on a shelf somewhere.

I'm spreading my online presence across three platforms now.  This blog will continue as a place for long form travel stories and technical articles, much as it has done since 2011.  Additionally, I will be sharing more up-to-date thoughts, gear and adventures on my newly-minted Facebook page, and videos on my Youtube channel (  I'm looking forward to interacting with you all in those online spaces.

In the meantime, here's a new video of an overnight ride I did with my daughter on the new South Burnett Rail Trail last week.  Enjoy!

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