Monday, October 14, 2013

Three Weeks On The Mainland - book out now!

People have dared me to do it, I've been threatening to do it for years, and now I have finally done it.  I've gone and written a book...

Three Weeks On The Mainland is the story of my NZ ride of a few years ago, told with (hopefully) a little more detail, structure and style than the blog.  Given the fact it's self published and that it's 2013, I've currently released it only as an e-book for Kindle (or the free Kindle app for iPad / iPhone / Android / Commodore 64) available exclusively through Amazon.  I guess it's kind of like some kind of cyber-panhandling on my part advertising this on the blog, but the least I can do is give you an ebook in exchange for the list price of $2.99.

Want to get involved and carry my wuthering tales around in your very own ebook reader???  Then hit this link and before you know it you'll be reading about the highs and lows my cycling journey through the South Island of New Zealand.


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